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The Story

You are Hooteus, First Poonisher of the League of Feathers, taking back the planet for bird-kind. When little more than a hatchling, your parents were stolen from you, taken away by human beings for some unknown purpose. Orphaned, and forced to fend for yourself, you were befriended by an enigmatic bird known as Malakai, who introduced you to the League of Feathers, an ancient order devoted to the protection and advancement of birdkind. He told you the story of the Poonishers, birds trained in the use and deployment of poonish, a mysterious substance capable of many things, such as knocking full-sized human beings down, messing their hair, driving them away, and more.

Seeing an opportunity to acquire the skills and power to find your family or avenge them, you soon chose to join the league as an initiate and began your training to become a full Poonisher. Highly motivated, you excelled at your studies, surpassing your fellow recruits and over the years rose to the position of First Poonisher. In so doing, you gained the power to manifest and hurl forth globs of the substance known as poonish. You’ve now started on a mission to find your lost family, punish those that took them from you, and protect your bird brethren from a similar fate. You're not alone in this quest, as you're accompanied by Hyde the Hornet, your trusted companion and friend. Hyde acts as your scout, searching for and leading you to those you must poonish. Wherever they run, Hyde will find them.

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